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About Camp 4

Camp 4 is my home.

My husband and I got married at a campground called Camp 3 and had our reception at a logging museum called Camp 5 so naturally, the question always asked was, "Where is Camp 4?"


When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, we found a beautiful piece of property on Bainbridge Island and named it Camp 4. Since 2007, I have been trying to live a more sustainable life while also living a modern life. I share my adventures (and misadventures) of trying to live with balance and purpose.

I farm, cook, travel and live a full life while trying to minimize my impact on the planet.  This is easier said than done in many cases since I also have a full-time job and modern commitments.

I try to offer solutions that meet every lifestyle but really believe that there is not just one approach that works and people need to discover what works for them.

I hope you enjoy my adventures!

Kate Ruffing

Chief Farming Officer

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